Training & Consulting

Seminars in the Classroom or on the Farm

Swine Management Services offers seminars in the classroom or on the farm. SMS provides training on record analysis, maximizing sow production, and increasing piglet survival. Also for the nursery, finisher, and wean-to-finish management. SMS also has Employee Handbooks and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manuals that outline the best management practices which are customized for each farm. SMS can help with organization of information of the Common Swine Industry Audit as well. Ron and Valerie are also PQA and TQA advisors so we can certify staff to meet the needs of the packer as well as for the Common Swine Industry Audit.

Classes include:

  • Increasing Piglet Survival
  • Recognize the main influences on level of stillbirths
  • State the actions required to minimize stillbirth losses
  • List the main causes of piglet deaths post weaning
  • Recognize the main influences on mortality and their related importance
  • Describe the techniques and practices that are most effective in increasing piglet survival

Breeding and Gestation Management

  • Recognize the important features of sow and boar anatomy and the estrus cycle
  • Establish breeding routines that maximize conception rate and litter size
  • List the requirements for successful Artificial Insemination
  • Recognize the stages of piglet development and state the possible cause of pregnancy failure
  • Reduce Non Productive Days through early detection of reproductive failure

SMS Growing Pig Training

Training designed for both new and experienced personal. These training aids are designed to teach the employees not how only to raise pigs, but also to think about their day-to-day activities and how their decisions affect production and profit of their farms.

Ventilation Training

  • Recognize the advantages of good ventilation systems (Also for sow units)
  • Recognize the disadvantages of a poor ventilation system
  • Understand the principles of ventilation and EET
  • To calculate the fan capacity and inlet values of a room
  • Describe the steps they would take to operate an effective ventilation system

Nursery Management

  • Identify the main factors influencing the performance of pigs at weaning
  • Improve the quality of pigs at weaning
  • Meet the environmental needs of nursery pigs
  • Adopt appropriate feeding strategies for young pigs
  • Establish effective nursery management routines
  • Set appropriate nursery performance targets

Finisher Management

  • List the main influences on the profitability of the finisher areas
  • Understand the factors that influence pig growth, feed efficiency and carcass quality
  • State the environmental needs of finisher pigs
  • Optimize return per pig by meeting processors requirements
  • Develop effective finishing barn routine


We offer production and financial analysis via phone or on farm. Farm consulting can evaluate the facilities, genetics, management flow, and condition of the breeding herd. Recommendations are always provided.